Club Constitution

  1. The name of the Society is Terrace Ringette Association, hereinafter referred to as "The Association".

  2. The purposes of the Association are:

    • To promote, administer, and develop the game of Ringette.

    • To teach fair play and sportsmanship with emphasis on the enhancement of good character and citizenship.

    • To provide entertainment and fun for the participants.

    • To provide opportunity for all the players desiring to play in the sport of Ringette, regardless of their level of play (i.e. recreational or competitive), giving due consideration to their individual capabilities and interests.

    • To exercise supervision and direction over members, including the players, coaches, officials, and administrators to improve their skills.

    • To actively promote, adhere to and support the objectives and policies of the regional, provincial, and national associations for Ringette.
  3. Upon winding up or dissolution of the Association, the assets which remain after payment of all costs, charges and expenses which are properly incurred in the winding up shall be distributed to such charitable organization or organizations registered under the provisions of the Income Tax Act of Canada as may be determined by the members of the Association at the time of winding up or dissolution. This provision shall be unalterable.