roles and responsibilities of directors & officers


This document outlines the specific and general duties of the executive officers, directors and the team staff of the Terrace Ringette Association (TRA). It also provides guidance for the individuals who serve in these volunteer positions within the Association.

TRA Officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Past President

TRA Directors:

  • Coaching
  • Equipment
  • Ice
  • Officials
  • Publicity
  • Sponsorship
  • Tournament
  • Website & Social Media

Team Staff:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach(es)
  • Manager
  • Trainer


Officers and directors must conduct business in accordance with the Constitution of the TRA and the By-Laws of TRA filed with the Province of British Columbia Registrar of Companies on January 2, 2001.

All Officers, Directors, and Team staff will review, discuss and sign the various Codes of Conduct applicable to their area on an annual basis.



When present, preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board. Be charged with the general supervision and management of the affairs and operation of the Association. Establish such committees as deemed necessary. Be an ex-officio member of all committees. With other Officers sign all contracts, documents, or instruments in writing, as may require his or her signature.

In addition to the above:

  • Act as representative for Northern League or facilitate the appointment of a Northern League representative.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or the British Columbia Ringette Association (BCRA) or ensure representation is made by TRA at the BCRA AGM.
  • Act as the direct liaison between BCRA and TRA.
  • Conduct business of the Association as required (Societies Act updates following AGM, signing authority updates to bank, Certificate of Good Standing, Declaration of Criminal Record Checks, assist with budgets, etc.).
  • Be an active ex-officio member of every committee.

Vice President:

  • Assume duties of President in his/her absence or inability to perform duties.
  • Perform other duties as needed from time to time, as determined by the Board.


The secretary shall attend all meetings of members and the Board and record all facts and minutes of all proceedings in books kept for that purpose. The Secretary shall give all notices required to be given to members and the Board, and shall be custodial of the Seal of the Association, if any; and of all records, correspondence, contracts, and other documents belonging to the Association, save those kept by the Treasurer and Registrar; which the Secretary shall deliver up only when authorized by a resolution of the Board to do so, and to such person as may be named in the resolution, and the Secretary shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board.


The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the Association in proper books of account and shall deposit all monies or valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Association in such banks or financial institutions as may from time to time be designated by the Board. The Treasurer shall disburse funds in payment of bills as authorized by the Board. All such disbursements shall be by cheque signed by Officers appointed by the Board for that purpose. The Treasurer shall present at each annual meeting and at each Board meeting a report of the financial position of the Association. The Treasurer shall also perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board.

In addition to the above:

  • Actively participate on the TRA Board.
  • Apply for annual gaming funding.
  • Apply for funding grants (municipal grants, etc.).
  • Apply for ticket raffle licenses for tournaments and fundraising events.
  • Complete annual gaming reports.


Prepare and organize the registration of all players and members each year. Register all players with the British Columbia Ringette Assocation and Ringette Canada. Be responsible for verifying, where required, the eligibility og all players, teams, and leagues and reporting any irregularities to the Board.

In addition to the above:

  • Actively participate on the TRA Board.
  • Update player registration forms from time to time, as needed.
  • Write and mail pre-season registration letter to all players.
  • Update and mail out volunteer and coaches form.
  • Collect registration fees and send out receipts.
  • Forward registration payments to treasurer.
  • Send communication emails to all players when requested.
  • Receive list from coaches as to team staff.
  • Apply to KidSport on behalf of players who request it.
  • Enter registration forms into the online Karelo program.
  • Make sure registration forms are complete.
  • Give all volunteer/manager/coaches forms to Coaching Director.
  • Once approved by the Coaching Director, enter volunteers, managers and coaches into Karelo.
  • Get referee names and info from the Officials Director and enter into Karelo.
  • Give coaches a list of team players (from Karelo).
  • Perform other such duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Past President:

The immediate Past-President shall lend his or her experience to the Board and shall assist the Board and the president.


Coaching Director:

  • Actively participate on the TRA Board.
  • Recommend to the Board the annual list of eligible coaches for each team. From this recommendation, the Board will vote to accept (and/or modify prior to acceptance as required).
  • Arrange for coaching clinics.
  • Work with existing coaches to ensure proper coaching qualifications are obtained for the level of team they are assigned to coach.
  • Advise the head coaches of their responsibility to select qualified team staff (assistant coaches, team manager, and trainer).
  • Coordinate divisional team selection processes when more than one team forms a division.
  • Distribute, collect and file bi-annual Criminal Record Checks for team staff (coaches, trainers, managers, board members, and all on-ice volunteers).
  • Distribute, collect, and file Code of Conduct for coaches, players, parents, and board members.
  • Conduct coaches' meetings as required to ensure communications between divisional coaches in maintained.
  • Encourage parents to become new coaches, especially in the younger divisions.
  • Perform other such duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Equipment Director:

  • Actively participate on the TRA Board.
  • Sign in/out equipment to each team as required (goalie gear, team jerseys, practice jerseys, rings, etc).
  • Ensure equipment is in good condition and arrange for the purchase of replacement equipment as required (goalie gear, goalie sticks, rings, practice equipment).
  • Annually have all first aid equipment bags checked at a local first aid supply business (consider asking for replacement supplies to be donated as in-kind sponsorship).
  • Ensure shot clocks are working at the beginning of each season.
  • Maintain the master equipment room keys.
  • Assign keys for equipment room to coaching staff as required.
  • Keep the equipment room neat and orderly.
  • Participate in annual equipment budgeting.
  • Perform other duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Ice Director:

  • Actively participate on TRA Board.
  • Book ice times for the next season by deadline determined by the City of Terrace each year (power skating, regular ice, and tournament).
  • Schedule monthly ice times, review with Board, distribute to teams and provide for posting to website.
  • Approve ice invoices and recommend payment to Treasurer.
  • Perform other duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Officials Director:

  • Actively participate on TRA Board.
  • Maintain a list of all local officials and their current training levels.
  • Arrange for annual officials training.
  • Actively encourage parents and players to become officials.
  • Schedule officials for the annual Terrace Tournament. Arrange for out-of-town official participation as necessary. Arrange for adequate number of shot clocks.
  • Schedule officials for regular season exhibition games.
  • Maintain a record of officials' payments.
  • Evaluate annual budget requirements for upcoming season.
  • Perform other duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Publicity Director:

  • Actively participate on TRA Board.
  • At the beginning of each year, acquire all necessary media contact information and pass information along to team coaches and managers.
  • Have media contact information posted/updated on TRA website.
  • Organize "Come Try Ringette" events, "Bring a Friend" event(s) and Skate with Santa coordination. Obtain Come Try Ringette display from BCRA.
  • Coordinate social activity for players at annual AGM.
  • Keep display cabinets up-to-date with current information, medals, trophies, and registration information. Keep display cabinet keys.
  • Coordinate medals for Terrace Tournament and medal presentation.
  • Coordinate media game(s) if applicable.
  • Coordinate media interviews (when requested).
  • Prepare association newsletters from time to time.
  • Provide website administrator with publicity information.
  • Advertise for the various annual events such as tournament, Come Try Ringette, and Annual General Meeting.
  • Perform other duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Sponsorship Director:

  • Actively participate on the TRA Board.
  • Maintain/update Sponsorship policy/package as required.
  • Determine sponsorship target for the season based on projected budget requirements.
  • Contact previous season sponsors in the spring and summer to line up sponsorship for the next season.
  • Approach new businesses for sponsorship during the spring and summer.
  • Recommend to the Board before the start of the ringette season, the sponsors assigned to each team. Note: some businesses may request a specific team.
  • Prepare a list for the Board outlining sponsors' full name and sponsorship level.
  • Arrange for jersey sponsor bars for all team jerseys at the start of the season, shortly after teams are formed. Check with Equipment Director for last season's sponsor bars/ Make new ones as required. Distribute to team managers. Review with each team manager the Sponsorship package so they understand the process and the importance of advertising for our sponsors.
  • Obtain digital team photo from the tournament for sponsorship plaques.
  • Arrange for sponsorship plaques and deliver to sponsors prior to the end of each season. Thank sponsors for their support at the end of the season.
  • Collect all sponsor bars from each team at the end of each season and store in the equipment room.
  • Perform other such duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Tournament Director:

  • Actively participate on the TRA Board.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the annual Terrace Tournament including:
    • Promotion
    • Team registration
    • Facilities bookings (luncheon, meeting rooms if required)
    • Volunteer support (direct tournament support and team parent support)
    • Program development and sales
    • Team photos
    • Player goodie bags
    • Team baskets
    • Ticket raffle application with Treasurer
    • Game schedule and game schedule posters
    • Sponsorship and other tournament posters
    • Game sheets
    • Dressing room locks
    • Vendors
  • Perform other such duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.

Website & Social Media Director:

  • Actively participate on the TRA Board.
  • Administer and maintain the association's online presence, including, but not limited to:
  • Coordinate and post information and updates to the above sites in a timely manner.
  • Administer and maintain the association's email distribution list of members.
  • Prepare and distribute association newsletters and email notifications, as required.
  • Administer and maintain the association's third party accounts for domain name registration, web hosting, email accounts, and other web-related tools and functions.
  • Keep the association's website and social media tools in good working order. Troubleshoot issues as required.
  • Coordinate efforts with the TRA Director of Publicity, and other directors as need be.
  • Perform other such duties, as needed, to be determined by the Board.


Head Coach:

  • Assist with team selection process if required.
  • Select assistant coaches in consultation with Coaching Director.
  • Select team manager.
  • Select team trainer (must have valid First Aid Certificate).
  • Prepare tiering forms for BCRA following team selection guidelines.
  • Acquire team equipment.
  • Coordinate distribution and signing of Codes of Conduct (team staff, players, parents).
  • Conduct parent meeting(s) at the beginning of year and on an as-required basis.
  • Prepare practice plans and conduct practices.
  • Book referees.
  • Attend Northern League tournaments.
  • Arrange for exhibition games, as required.
  • Submit Provincials and/or Westerns Commitment to Attend, if applicable for the U14 and up.
  • Prepare year-end player evaluations and submit to Coaching Director.
  • Attend coaching courses as required.

Assistant Coaches:

  • Assist head coach as required.
  • Attend coaching courses as required.


  • Acquire Manager Certificate (handbook available).
  • Coordinate team fundraising and team financial statements.
  • Coordinate out-of-town accommodation booking.
  • Coordinate tournament registrations.
  • Assist coaches as required.
  • Coordinate media communications.
  • Provide Publicity Director and Website Director with tournament updates/summaries.
  • Communicate between coaches and players/parents.


  • Hold valid First Aid Certificate.
  • Ensure all player medical forms are complete and maintained with the team.
  • Prepare emergency plans for out-of-town games.
  • Acquire replacement first aid supplies as required.
  • Assist coaches as required.